attari sandwich shop

attari sandwich shopattari grillmint yogurt drink

tongue sandwichThursdays kick my butt.  A full day at the office, followed by a rush hour mad dash to campus, then a test of concentration (and will) until I’m saved by the bell at 10pm from lessons in logistic regression and vector models (log a what?!).  I knew that President Obama had a fundraising event at Sony Studios in Culver, then dinner at Tavern in Brentwood, so I was prepared for a total westside traffic cluster.   Surprisingly, my usual route proved gridlock free, so I breezed through and landed east of the 405 with well over an hour to spare before class.  Instead of picking up dinner to go, I actually had time to sit and eat!  I stopped at Attari in Westwood and ordered up their famous beef tongue sando with a mint yogurt drink… for “here” and not “to go.”  The tongue is tremendously tender and mild.  It’s not heavily seasoned, so a few squirts of sriracha does this hoagie good.  Hold up, can we recognize the fact that a Persian sando shop keeps rooster sauce on its tables?? Now that’s fucking rad, and not to mention, tasty.

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