mrs. winston’s

mrs. winston'ssalad bar greenssalad bar itemssandwich bar itemsmrs. winston's saladOn Fridays, guess the exact price of your salad and get it for free at Mrs. Winston’s.  Dang it, I was off by $0.04… just four cents!!!  So close, and yet so far from free.  That’s OK.  Victory will be mine someday. ‘Til then I’ll continue to load up on delicious greens n’ things.  However I arrange my plate, I always dress a corner with a knuckle’s worth of pasta-something (wasabi noodles on this occasion), and I always throw in a heaping spoonful of raw ginger and raw garlic for a nice, hot jolt to really get me breathing on a Friday afternoon.

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One Response to mrs. winston’s

  1. Alice says:

    raw ginger makes it for me too!

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