sausage fest

chopping ginger & onion on cutting boardOn the chopping block

olive focaccia doughMia’s focaccia

curried cauliflower chickpeasAnd her curried cauliflower & chickpeas

cooks in the kitchenToo many cooks in the kitchen?

making sausageRyan & Mike make nice sausage

tying up sausageMike ties up the links

sausage linksReady to grill!

meat ringMeat ring from the Kitchen Aid

sausages on grillGrill ’em up!

big pencil While we wait… Pands the Scribe

grilled sausages Hot off the grill!

kimchi perilla leave sriracha mayo sauerkrautToppings: perilla leaves, kimchi, rooster mayo (sriracha, paprika, kimchi juice), sauerkraut

kimchi sausage dogKimchi dog with our homemade sausage!

kimchi sausage on focacciaWe made some sausage patties too

mia & andyThanks, Mia & Andy!

Saturday night at Mia & Andy’s was all about homemade sausages.  Mia made some tasty sides, while Pands played bartender, serving up Old Fashioneds.  One minor issue – we didn’t have a sausage stuffer attachment for the Kitchen Aid, so lots of makeshift tools were used, including the plastic cap to one very large pencil.  Many lessons learned in sausage stuffing technique.  The boys did an excellent job making weiners.  By the end of the night, we were all stuffed!

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