nasi bungkus

simpang asia nasi bungkusunwrapped nasi bungkusNasi Bungkus from Simpang Asia, Culver City.  Wrapped & unwrapped (pictured above).

kiki novi gili trawanganSpooning it in at Kiki Novi.  Gili Trawangan, Indonesia.

nasi bungkus kiki noviThe real deal. My favorite meal in Indonesia.

Nasi bungkus means “wrapped rice,” and it’s popular Indonesian dish that can be eaten on the go.  It is typically parceled up neatly in a banana leaf, but sometimes just in paper.  White rice is loaded up with a variety of yummy side dishes, ranging from beef, chicken, fish, eggs and veggies.  The package is then folded up and closed tight with a rubber band.  The nasi bungkus at Simpang Asia in Culver City is delicious, but holy guacamole, the one I tasted at Kiki Novi, a warung (aka simple outdoor eatery) on Gili Trawangan island in Indonesia last year, was out of this world (and not to mention, only $2)!

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  1. ferry.mahli says:

    i like kiki novi

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