sliders + study sesh

food truckDriving by, I spy…

me so hungry truck… dinner!  Me so hungry

beef and pork slidersAngus, bacon, balsamic onions, gorgonzola| Pulled pork, crispy maui onions, chipotle aioli

angus beef sliderMmm, sliders

bernese mountain puppyStop beggin’ with those puppy dog eyes

bunny wallet in treeSomebody forgot their bunny & change

recycle-a-flaskA flask with a task = PROFITABLE

212 pier cafe windowStudy time

212 pier cafe artworkYou want me to take a business school midterm?!

212 pier cafe artworkAnything but an exam, please!

monicaFocus, Monica, focus!

lanternIt’s late, and I’m tired

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One Response to sliders + study sesh

  1. jam says:

    cool flasks! i’ve seen those

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