birthday + mother’s day dinner | jae bu do

charcoal grillLet’s get fired up!

gloveGloved up and ready to handle the h-h-heat!

seafood bbqClams, abalone, sea snail soup, creamy corn

deep fried sardinesSome deep-fried sardines while we wait for the clams to open

seafood bbqOpening up nicely… ready to eat!


kal gook sooKal gook soo (knife-cut noodles)

Quality time with the fam tonight.  We went to Jae Bu Do, a seafood bbq restaurant in Ktown, to celebrate my birthday and Mother’s Day.  We plucked piping hot mollusks, crustaceans and fish straight off the grill (protective glove provided), including clams, mussels, abalone, oysters, sardines, scallops, squid, sea snails, shrimp, octopus and an eel-like fish called hagfish (not for the faint of stomach).  During the meal, some potatoes slow-roasted below the grill, right on top of the coals, to be eaten at the end.  But before we got to the spuds, we slurped up some slippery, knife-cut noodles.  We washed all this down with some crisp Hite beer and iced barley tea.  I think the happiest person of the night was my pops, who kept smiling and patting his belly.  The man can seriously turn into a bottomless pit when he really likes the food in front of him.  Hm, sounds awfully familiar to someone I know… like father, like daughter!

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