pizza blisters + houseboats | gjelina

roasted cauliflower with chili flakesRoasted cauliflower + chili-parsley specks

smoked trout & mushroom gnocchiSmoked trout + mushroom gnocchi

pizza garnishesFor the pizza

Lamb Sausage, Confit Tomato, Rapini, Pecorino & Asiago pizzaLamb sausage + confit tomato + rapini pizza


Some sun time at lunch time with Randy at Gjelina today.  Our spread out on the patio included a refreshing avocado-beet-citrus salad with toasted hazelnuts, roasted cauliflower with a kick of chili, puffy nuggets of smoked trout gnocchi and a thin-crust lamb sausage pizza with some handsome work in crust tectonics (I love them pizza blisters!).  We capped the meal with a scoop of burnt honey gelato and espresso.  While we ate, we talked about where to go for Houseboat 2011.  You see, Randy belongs to my posse of friends that goes on a houseboating excursion every year.  For a couple days each summer, we are one with the lake (be it Shasta, Powell…), cruising around on some suped-up doubledecker with a water slide and jacuzzi up top, and a grill and full kitchen below.  During the day, we splash around in tubes and on boards (and sometimes on logs and other found objects).  Then, we continue into the night with epic BBQ feasts and dance parties under the twinkling stars. You can always catch a shooting star (or twenty).  I’ve been a nerd and missed the last two years because of work and schmool, but not this year.  This year, I will make it to HB 2011. HB 4 Life.

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