cannes film festival 2011

64th festival de cannescannes cut outscannes cut outscannes galaxy binocularscannes ice cream stand yachtbay of cannes beachcannes international village tentscannes international village tentsinternational village tents

yachts in cannescannes marina smiley face fuel station

The Minister movie posterdidn’t quite make it to this screening

karl lagerfeld coca-cola lightkarl lagerfeld coca-cola lightlagerfeld for coca-cola light

cannes red carpetcannes costumescannes costumescannes costumescannes film festival red carpetcannes grand theatre lumiereapplause for director, joseph cedar, as he enters the theatre lumiere

drag costumescrashers at john cameron mitchell’s queer party

cannes cinema de la plagecannes cinema de la plage“bollywood” screening at cinema de la plage

Movie mania on the Cote d’Azur!  I got to spend a few days at the most prestigious film festival in the world, and not to mention, the largest film industry trade show in the world, where I watched some good films, napped through some bad films, walked the red carpet and gawked at some monstrous yachts.  A nice chunk of seaside fun that went by in a flash!

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3 Responses to cannes film festival 2011

  1. frenchstage says:

    Just found ur blog. How lucky u r. You got to go to Cannes!!!

  2. mon says:

    Susan! Lila sent me a link to your blog. Love your photos and can’t believe you went to Cannes!

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