macaron-ifique! | gerard mulot, paris

gerard mulot croissant & pain au chocolatCroissant et pain au chocolat

gerard mulot baguettesBoulangerie

gerard mulot pâtisseries individuellesPatisseries individuelles

gerard mulot kouglofKouglof

gerard mulot le plateauLe Plateau

gerard mulot guimauves marshmallowsGuimauves (marshmallows)

gerard mulot macaronsStrawberry poppy macarons

gerard mulot macaronsCoffee macarons

gerard mulot macaronsJumbo macarons: nougat, salted caramel, coffee (left to right)

I just returned from a rad week in France, where I spent most of my days and nights along the French Riviera, attending the Cannes Film Festival.   On the way back, I managed to squeeze in quick, 24-hour stop in Paris, where my sole mission was to indulge in some righteously tasty eats.

At the top of my list of Paris “musts” is Gerard Mulot, who recently won top accolades for having the Best Strawberry Tart in the city.  Gerard Mulot is one of the best all-around bakeries in town, where you can pick up buttery croissants, blissful baguettes, swoon-worthy sweets, as well as savory sandwiches, quiches and salads.  My favorite?  The macarons, especially the seasonal fruit varieties.  They are superb.  Better than Laduree (too flat) and Pierre Herme (too tooth-achingly sweet), your fancy gift box shops.  When I think of magnificent macarons, I think of Mulot macarons.

There’s plenty more from my trip, so I’ll post more pics over the next few days! Stay tuned…

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