last minute lunch | le dauphin, paris

le dauphin restaurant paris marble bar counterAt the bar

le dauphin restaurant paris marble light fixtureBeing a fixture

la marzocco receipts1 La Marzocco + 3 Sexy Italians (in reflection)

le dauphin restaurant paris table for twoTable for two

le dauphin restaurant paris rose wineA rosé a day

le dauphin restaurant paris bread bowlWhy, yes, thank you

le dauphin restaurant paris oeuf et legumes nouveauxOeuf et legumes nouveaux

le dauphin restaurant paris boniteBonite de Saint Jean de Luz + tabouleh de celeri et chou pointu

le dauphin restaurant paris fromage du jourFromage du jour

le dauphin restaurant paris mirror reflectionsMa réflexion

Departure day.  With just three hours left before my flight back to the States, it was probably not the best idea to indulge in a leisurely three-course lunch, but I just couldn’t help myself.  I had to stop by Le Dauphin on Avenue Parmentier.  Sleek, starchitected marble surfaces aside, the restaurant sparkles bright in fare, serving thoughtfully constructed dishes.  I have admired Iñaki Aizpitarte’s cooking ever since I tasted his velvety, rich squash and chestnut soup at Le Chateaubriand a few years ago.  Oh, the finesse!  Aizpitarte impressed again with this light lunch of bonite, a tuna-like fish, prepared with celery tabouleh and pointy cabbage.  Delicious!  And thank goodness it wasn’t a heavy meal, because all the running I had to do through the streets, up and down Metro stairs and across terminals to make the train and then my flight could’ve very well ended badly with some NRGC (nasty, regretful glutton’s cramp).  But no, I flew through the gate just in time and settled into my “snug” middle seat in coach (oh, boy).  During meal service, while others poked curiously at their trays of pale chicken & mushrooms, I sat back, satisfied with the last minute lunch that was well worth the post-meal mad dash!

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