a dip in the hotpot | ondal 2

flower crab hotpot ondal 2 restaurant Hey friends, let’s hotpot!

hite beer ondal 2 restaurantSomething Cool & Fresh to counter the heat

ondal 2 restaurant banchanOne of the many banchan (side dishes)

pickles ondal 2 restaurantI love pickles

flower crab hotpot ondal 2 restaurantLet’s get started!

flower crab hotpot ondal 2 restaurantStuff crab meat and rice into crab shells

flower crab hotpot ondal 2 restaurantThen top with sprouts

flower crab hotpot ondal 2 restaurantFlower crab (sadface?) shell

flower crab hotpot ondal 2 restaurantSnappy sprouts

fried rice ondal 2 restaurantThe hotpot that keeps on giving… time for fried rice

soo jae bi ondal 2 restaurantAnd soo jae bi (hand torn noodles)

flower crab hotpot ondal 2 restaurantFloating noodles = ready to eat!

soo jae bi dumpling noodles ondal 2 restaurantSoooooooo (good) jae bi

Uyen made the brilliant suggestion that we hit up one of our favorite hotpot spots, Ondal 2 in Mid-City, for dinner last night, so we took the plunge with Pands, Paul, Alb, Nate and Taeryn (who made a very welcome surprise cameo).  After ordering two pots of #2 (Spicy Flower Crab) and several heat-extinguishing bottles of Hite beer, we suited up with our splash-guard aprons, ready for a serious scoop n’ slurp session.   We did a mighty, fine job draining the hotpots, which were then replenished with mounds of fried rice and schools of soo jae bi noodles, prepared right at the table.  Post-carbo load, we all looked a little swollen (and some, a little sweaty).  We cooled ourselves down with a refreshing, icy, malty, sweet rice beverage called shikhye for dessert and then helped roll each other out onto the street to beat the heat and to clear ourselves out from under the hotpot haze.

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