memorial weekend bbq #2 | downtown LA

bulbs on a stringhardwood briquettesbrats on the barbieBrats

brats on the barbie

spinach salad with cranberriesGreens + cranberries

pulled porkPork, pulled

wedgewood stoveThe Wedgewood

major the lovable pitbullMy love, Major

major the lovable pitbullmajor the lovable pitbullmajor the lovable pitbullcanine profilelap dogLap dog

pooch lovePooch Lovefest


the girl with the gorgeous maneThe girl with the gorgeous mane

alb & sueSemi-developed friendship

alb & sueDeveloped friendship

polariods thenPolariods, then

polaroid nowPolariods, now

monochromatic mediumThe message is the (monochromatic) medium

flowering on the fenceThe wallflower

hangman on a stringHanging by a string

splendid stoolsAnton’s splendid stools

jason's kawasakiJason’s kawasaki

bulbs on a stringbbq flamesfenced canvas

iBoomiSpy, iBoom

s in the bushS in the bush

downtown lightsDowntown lights

under the bridge downtownUnder the bridge downtown, I could not get enough

pands & carolyn

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