curried chickpea patties

diced vegetablesGarlic, parsley, red bells, carrots & green onions for the chickpea patties.  The carrots came from my garden.  I grew them myself!

diced vegetables in food processorGive the veggies a spin in the food processor, then make them sweat in a medium-hot skillet to soften them up a bit.  Return cooked veggies to the food processor and pulse with chickpeas to make a very chunky, coarse meal.  Transfer to a mixing bowl.

curry powder panko bread crumbs smoked paprikaSprinkle in seasoning and breadcrumbs.  I used curry powder, panko & smoked paprika. Don’t forget the salt & pepper!

egg & limeAdd one whole egg and squeeze in fresh juice from half a lime.  Save the other half of the lime.  You’ll be using it later.

curried chickpea burger mixRoll up your sleeves and start mixing to incorporate all the ingredients.  Form little patties with your hands.

curried chickpea burgerscurried chickpea burgersPlace the patties in a near-smokin’ hot cast iron skillet!  While you’re waiting for these to cook up, whip up a refreshing cucumber-yogurt dressing.

diced cucumber yogurtdiced cucumber yogurt cuminYogurt + diced cucumber + dash of cumin + minced garlic + lime juice + salt & pepper

curried chickpea burger sandwichcurried chickpea burger sandwichI just had my last class of Spring quarter today.  Two years of grad school under the belt! Only one more year to go! Woohoo!  I still have coursework this summer, but I will certainly have more time to mess around the kitchen.  Yay, summer!

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One Response to curried chickpea patties

  1. Margaret Jones Keegan says:

    hi susan – was checking out your blog again today. i’m going to try the chickpea pattie recipe. can you email the model of the olympus camera you had at the restaurant, and the slr one?? love the photos!

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