brooklyn flea | williamsburg waterfront

nyc skylineAn afternoon at the waterfront

the girl with the key lime pie The girl with the key lime pie

lobster rollsLet’s (lobster) roll!

puppyFuzzy wuzziness at the flea

coolest kid in townCoolest wee at the flea

dough donuts brooklyn fleaRacks of glorious glazes

dough donuts brooklyn fleaThis is from DOUGH

toops t-bags and two elotes Toops, T-Bags & two elotes

Dear New York, stop being such a tease with your sunsational weather!  It’s makin’ me hot for you!!  I mean, today… what a divine Sunday… my niece’s baptism in the morning, then brunch and some major QT with my east coast fam, an afternoon at the Brooklyn Flea, dinner at Kun Jip with friends, followed by rooftop drinks beneath the Empire State Building.  Man, I wish I could stay here just a bit longer…

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