’til next time, new york…

shake shack stack burgerThe Shack Stack from Shake Shack

Café Sabarsky apple strudelApple strudel at Cafe Sebarsky

Yet another seriously sweet, fine day in NYC.  My last for this trip.  Before heading to JFK to catch an evening flight, I managed to squeeze in McQueen at the Met with Toops & Diana, my first Shake Shack Shake Stack, an afternoon coffee with the most fresh-from-the-orchard-tasting apple strudel at Cafe Sebarsky, a walk through Central Park and, finally, a quick visit to the High Line, where I ran into DPW and then RT on the street.  Enroute back to LA now… (FYI, this entry was posted from high in the sky, flying somewhere above Cheyenne, Wyoming!)

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