toy plane toy storage chestfire hydrant old sofaI moved into a new apartment this weekend.  Just down the street from my old place. Now, I am even closer to the beach… a mere half a block from the sand!  Loving the new dig’s coordinates, but hating the chaotic piles of unlabeled boxes strewn about that I must now unpack.  I wish there was a moving fairy who could magically organize and put away everything for me.  (Help!)  On a separate note, new movement on the grad school front.  I spent all day Saturday on campus to start the next chapter of coursework, my master’s thesis.  (What, already?!)  It is a global group project originating from New Zealand, and it will eat up a significant chunk of my time and brain juice for the next six months, with the final culmination of my thesis team’s hard work being showcased and graded on December 10.  Six months.  I just need to survive the next six months before I can coast towards graduation!  Light.  Tunnel.  I can see it!

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