hungry like a cat

the hungry cat kumquatiniKumquatini

the hungry cat roe Here we roe!

the hungry cat roeI roe

the hungry cat roeNow you roe

the hungry cat grilled octopusGrilled octopus

the hungry cat softshell crab Softshell crab

the hungry cat texas redfishTexas redfish

the hungry cat lobster rollLobster roll

the hungry cat sidecar & rosé Sidecar & rosé

the hungry cat lemon curd beignetsLemon curd beignets

the hungry cat chocolate bread and butter puddingChocolate bread and butter pudding

the hungry cat coffee & creamA little cream with your food coma?

Date night with Pands.  He took me to The Hungry Cat’s beach outpost in SM for a belated birthday dinner.  We ended up ordering a serious seafood feast (with a particularly delectable and standout redfish dish), accompanied by some tasty cocktails and a finale of beignets and bread pudding.  By the time the mint tea (he) and coffee (me) arrived, we were both falling into a deep food coma, complete with obvious telltale symptoms of lazy, unfixed gazes and pinched, protruding pooches.  From kumquatini to coffee, from hungry to heavy (but happy!).  Thanks for din din, Pands!  Meowvelous choice.

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One Response to hungry like a cat

  1. helen says:

    dude, hot date and outrageously delicious looking food! what a great combination!

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