manhattan miscellany

central parkherbe blade meatpie lese freyes caraway & anise meringue ale custard asparagus hole Hors d’oeuvres | Herbe blade meatpie, lese freyes (cheese tart), caraway & anise meringue, ale custard, asparagus hole bread… you know, like, stuff George III would eat

queensboro bridgeQuick snap of the Queensboro

philip glass chuck closeGlass by Close at Rockefeller U.

zabb elee larbLarb @ Zabb Elee (Isaan aka Northern Thai)

zabb elee fishCrispy whole tilapia @ Zabb Elee

xian famous foodsNoodles @ Xian Famous Foods

hung meats chinatown nycHung

peking duck nyc chinatownPeking duck @ iforgotwhereinchinatown

family architectsFamily gathering

corner bistro grilled cheese and baconGrilled cheese & bacon @ Corner Bistro

union square farmer's market ostrich eggs Ostrich eggs @ Union Square Greenmarket

dol birthday cupcakesBaby Zoe’s Dol (first birthday) spread

korean dukkColorful Korean dduk (rice cake) balls

kun jip bo ssamBo ssam (cabbage, oysters & pork belly) @ Kun Jip

urban mulberriesUrban forage

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2 Responses to manhattan miscellany

  1. rafie says:

    susan! twas a delight to run into you on the highline. i love looking at your photos. those mulberries, though, make an unmemorable nyc forage, i’m sorry to report. stick with the black persian mulberries you have out west – mmmm…

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