bojangles’ famous chicken n’ biscuits | raleigh, nc

bojangles famous chicken n' biscuits boxbojangles chicken n' biscuits seasoned friesbojangles chickenbojangles cajun hot sauceHoly mother of blistering biscuits, it’s sweltering hot in the South!!  It was a balmy 93 degrees when I touched down today in Raleigh, NC… at 9pm!  Hot, weary and hungry, I needed a fast food fix, so I found myself ordering the 2-piece dinner from Bojangles Famous Chicken n’ Biscuits at 11:49pm.  Yes, I had my greasy, little fingers all up in a box of fried chicken, biscuits and seasoned fries for a midnight meal, and I should point out that I actually ended up killing a 3-piece dinner because the kind folks at the drive-thru tossed in an extra leg since the first one didn’t look meaty enough for this sweaty, little, hungry-eyed girl (obviously).  Now that I’ve hotboxed my hotel room with battered and fried food fumes, it’s time for bed.  I’m sure I’ll feel fresh, lean and light as a feather in the morning… not.  Stay tuned for more eats from the South.  There will be Carolina BBQ on my plate before this trip is over…

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