tim, dave, renzo, ray | lacma

tim burton lacma entranceFinally got around to seeing the Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA

lacma tim burton exitlacma tim burton exitlacma tim burton exitlacma tim burton exitlacma david smithlacma shipping boxesTaking down, packing up David Smith

lacma redlacma red variety building Lots of the red variety

lacma hedge sculpturesScissorhands

lacma hedge sculptureslacmaray's lacmalacma stark barRay’s and Stark Bar, designed by Renzo Piano

iced tea stark bar lacmalacma stark bar sugar trayServing up some sweet choices

lacma stark bar waffle chipsWaffle chips were just a tad on the bad side of burnt

lacma stark bar roasted chile chorizo dates goat cheese almond sauceWood-roasted chile + chorizo + dates + goat cheese + almond sauce = glorified chile relleno (I’m sorry but this “bar bite” was a “bit bland.”  It tasted like Hormel chili with Ortega green chiles… straight out of a can.  Pretty, but this limpness is not worth whatever I paid for it.)

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2 Responses to tim, dave, renzo, ray | lacma

  1. SinoSoul says:

    Odd, Ray’s chili relleno was one of the best (and the most publicly lauded) things I tasted on the menu. Morningstar’s charcuteries also rival anything outside of Waterloo & City, etc.

    It’s too bad, I really love the space, and now they have evening free parking + HH

    • I really wanted to enjoy the wood-roasted chile, especially since I loved the roster of ingredients used, but honestly, I felt the flavor was underdeveloped, the dish, overrated. I should have opted for the charcuterie plate. Much love to the LACMA, though!

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