nice balls | sunny blue, santa monica

made-to-order sunny blue omusubi (aka onigiri) santa monica Made-to-order omusubi, aka onigiri, aka jumok bap, aka seaweed riceball

onigiri rice seasoningRice seasoning

sunny blue omusubi (aka onigiri) santa monicaA duo of omusubi is plenty filling

sunny blue tokyo tori omusubi (aka onigiri) santa monicaTokyo tori (chicken)

sunny blue kara tuna omusubi (aka onigiri) santa monicaKara tuna (spicy tuna)

Finding a satisfying takeaway lunch from Main Street in Santa Monica is near impossible. You’re largely limited to so-so salads, pizzas, sandwiches and other boring, bland or overly-priced options.  Luckily, there are a few exceptions, one being Sunny Blue, an itty-bitty counter shop that serves omusubi and frozen yogurt.  Omusubi, or onigiri as it’s more commonly known, or jumok bap (which translates to “fist rice” in Korean), is a Japanese riceball that’s stuffed with a meat or vegetable filling.  It’s typically formed into a triangle or ball shape and often wrapped in a sheet of seaweed.  These riceballs are easy to carry and eat on the go!  I frequently buy them from Asian markets, but the ready-made versions tend to be these cold, gummy little things, so enjoying a fresh, warm, made-to-order omusubi is such a big treat.  Two riceballs are enough to fill me up, so at less than $3 per ball, we’re talking about a pretty cheap & delicious lunchtime meal!

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2 Responses to nice balls | sunny blue, santa monica

  1. j. niwa says:

    LOVE your photos of Sunny Blue! Would it be alright to put them, with your name credit of course, on our web site?
    ~ jolene, on behalf of sunny blue keiko

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