midnight cheese snack attack

roaring forties blue cheese on charcoal cracker Roaring Forties Blue Cheese [Australian, rindless]

sottocenere al tartufo cheese with charcoal crackerSottocenere al tartufo [Italian, ash rind with truffles]

Lately, I’ve had the biggest urge to make buttermilk biscuits, so today, I went to Surfas, my favorite kitchen supply and gourmet food store located in Culver City, to pick up some White Lily flour so I can get my bake on.  I headed in for a sack of flour and left with two shopping bags filled to the brim with all sorts of ridiculousness, including several imported butters and cheeses, as well as sheets of puff pastry, packets of exotic sausages and two different sizes of tart pans.  Tonight, I got hit with a late night snack attack, so I peeled open two of the cheeses I bought – a non-traditional blue from Australia and an earthy, semisoft truffle cheese from Italy.  I nibbled on a few generous chunks with some fancy charcoal crackers from Fine Cheese Co. (yet another impulse buy).  Dear God, how I love cheese (even that funky coconut gouda from Holland I tasted at the store). Seriously, I have yet to come across a cheese that I don’t like.  I love all cheeses!

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