bibim naeng myeon | seo kang myun oak, koreatown

seo kang myun oak bibim naeng myunNaeng myeon is a cold noodle dish, served either in a savory beef broth (mul) or a hot chili sauce (bibim).  It’s my mom’s favorite style of noodles to eat during the summer and mine too.  Today, I was feeling rather spicy, so I got the red hot version for lunch from Seo Kang Myun Oak, which is located in the Koreatown Galleria Food Court.  Not the best bowl of bibim naeng myeon that I’ve ever had, but actually pretty decent for a quick serve spot… I mean, the noodles didn’t get stuck in my throat and the sauce was not unbearably spicy or overly sweet.  It did make me suffer from a case of fiery dragon breath for the rest of the afternoon, however, so I had to constantly remind myself not to breathe on people while talking to them.  Maybe I should have just popped a Altoid or something (but where are those darn mints when you really need them??).

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2 Responses to bibim naeng myeon | seo kang myun oak, koreatown

  1. SinoSoul says:

    Price please. I keep hearing about this Galleria naeng myung place, but Ktown has been dropping its naeng myun prices this summer, so if this bowl’s still $8, I’m just gonna keep making this at home. ($1, no brisket)

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