baking mania

ginger cookieI went on quite the baking spree last night, churning out batch upon batch of baked goodies.  Why?  Oh, just because.  It all started with a mission to make ginger cookies (pictured above; recipe here)… then chocolate chip cookies (why not?)… and then… red rooster honey-mustard ham biscuits (I mean, might as well, right?).  OK, so I got a little carried away and lost track of time.  I was a total laggard in meeting up with my friends for drinks, but I eventually got there, packing a purse loaded with freshly baked delights (and take-home servings of frozen lasagna), ready to feed my favorite Wednesday night crew. It may seem weird to whip out cookies, biscuits and lasagna at a bar, but that’s how I roll!  I absolutely love filling bellies, especially those belonging to this posse of fine eater friends.

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