fooding around in LA | LQ@SK, downtown LA

LQ@SK cocks comb tempuraCocks comb tempura, chipotle lamb sweetbread, clementine, vanilla

LQ@SK hamachi black sesame panna cottaHamachi, black sesame panna cotta, soy gel, avocado smear, pickled cucumbers, black sesame powder

LQ@SK poached salmon ham hock bouillonHam hock bouillon, cabbage, poached smoked salmon in lard, lentil creme fraiche

LQ@SK foie gras pea bacon raguPea guacamole, pea gazpacho, pea bacon ragu, sauteed foie gras

LQ@SK watercress spaghetti veal sweetbreadVeal sweetbread, clear watercress spaghetti, uni lobster coulis

veal tenderloin tartare tonato style Veal tenderloin tartare tonato style

LQ@SK pandan coconut tapiocaPandan coconut tapioca

LQ@SK guava gelee Guava gelee, passion fruit, green tea emulsion

The sweetest staff.  Super affordable for the excellent offerings.  Get in on this pop-up.

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2 Responses to fooding around in LA | LQ@SK, downtown LA

  1. gluttonandstudent says:

    Hello! We met at Surfas a few weeks ago and exchanged blogsites, and I’ve been enjoying your photos (and through them, vicariously enjoying the food) ever since. Can’t wait to read your future posts 🙂

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