baked greatness | tartine, sf

tartine bakery almond rocherAlmond Rochers, my favorite

tartine bakery gougeresGougeres

tartine bakery croissant Croissant

dolores park san franciscoDolores Park

No trip to San Francisco is complete without a visit to Tartine for some almond rochers, my favorite crispy, chewy, nutty meringue cookies.  For my last morning in the city, I did the nostalgic woman’s grub circuit of the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market in the morning (pics to come!), followed by a stop at Tartine, where I picked up a couple rochers, plus a grapefruit-sized gougere and flaky croissant.  The sky was clearing up, so I took a stroll to Dolores Park to nibble on my treats.  Looking out onto the city, I couldn’t help but think about how much I loved SF.  I tried to determine whether I missed the Bay Area enough to move back anytime soon, making a mental list of the pros and cons.  The tally?  Quite inconclusive, for a big part of me does, but another (equal part) of me does not.  Perhaps the longing was induced by the fact that it was turning out to be an idyllic sunny day, and that I was probably still in a massive state of euphoria, having just spent the most awesome weekend of nonstop fun, houseboating with a crew of really well-adjusted, gracious and chill friends.  I dunno.  We will see.  School’s not done until next June, so I still have months and months to decide where to go next.  Plenty of time, for sure.

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