tonkotsu ramen | ramen yamadaya, culver city

ramen yamadaya culver citykara-age chicken ramen yamadaya culver cityKara-age chicken

spicy ramen yamadaya culver city(Level 2) Spicy ramen

tonkotsu ramen yamadaya culver city Tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen

Ken, Jin, Dave, Alex and I headed to Culver City to check out the newly opened Ramen Yamadaya for lunch.  The tonkotsu broth was rich, milky, meaty and unctuous, with each bowl of broth having been rendered from 24 ounces of pork bone.  The noodles were thin, lustrous and highly elastic.  Ken opted for tsukemen, or dipping ramen, which looked just alright (not pictured), and Dave impressively conquered Level 2 spicy.  A bowl of tonkotsu for lunch drop kicks you into a food coma for the rest of the afternoon, but it is well worth it.  Glad to have more, much needed lunch options on the westside.  Welcome to the neighborhood, Ramen Yamadaya.

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