happy birthday, mom | saddle peak lodge, calabasas

saddle peak lodge albacore sashimiAlbacore sashimi + Hawaiian papaya + onion + cilantro + orange-ginger puree

saddle peak lodge soft shell crabSoft shell crab + jalepeno + lobster + gribiche

saddle peak lodge crispy pork bellyCrispy Berkshire pork belly + carrot + daikon + cilantro + mint

saddle peak lodge rabbit rouladeRabbit roulade + bacon + mushrooms + apples + sage + huckleberries

saddle peak lodge elk tenderloinNew Zealand elk tenderloin + vanilla butternut squash + brandied cherries + cipollini onions + mushrooms

saddle peak lodge chocolate whisky cakeChocolate molten whisky cake + Guiness ice cream

Happy Birthday, Umma!  The World’s Greatest Mom was totally game to test out the chef’s tasting menu at Saddle Peak Lodge so we gave it a go.  My brother was, uh, not so game, saying absolutely “no way” to the rabbit and “ew” on the elk.  Oooh, but the elk… the elk was the best course, of course.  Those little medallions were tender and flavorful without being too gamey.  As for my dad, he liked everything as usual.  A cozy Sunday night family dinner and catch up sesh, the first of the fall.  Speaking of fall, do you feel the nip in the air??  I felt a chill for the first time tonight.  It must be a low, low 60 degrees! Time to pull out them sweaters…

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