pancakes & sunshine | manhattan beach

banana nut pancakes uncle bill's manhattan beach Sunday breakfast at Uncle Bill’s in Manhattan Beach

pumpkin pancakes uncle bill's manhattan beachI got pumpkin spice pancakes!

manhattan beach hometown fair balloon hatsIt was a bright, sunny day so we strolled over to the Fair

manhattan beach hometown fair sponge toss game Masochists

manhattan beach hometown fair goldfish winnerWinner

manhattan beach hometown fair gameHit it

manhattan beach hometown fair funnel cakesFunnel cake production line

blue vintage mini woodyI want a Mini Woody

bikesHey, I used to have one that had my name on it!

manhattan beach volley ballThen we went down to the water

manhattan beach volley ballHey now, hubba hubba!

manhattan beachBeachy smokestacks

manhattan beachMB pier

manhattan beachSpectating

with friends at manhattan beachPands, Shane, Irina (plus baby in the belly!)

manhattan beach sandGlossy

digging in manhattan beachSand artist

manhattan beach

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