quality seafood | king harbor, redondo beach

king harbor redondo beachWhile in Redondo, I got an uni craving, so I headed to Quality Seafood in King Harbor

quality seafood redondo beachBut they ran out of uni!  Wah?!?!?!?  What to do, what to do??

grilling red snapper quality seafood redondo beachI perused the fresh fish market to find something to eat (because they will grill up any fish you buy there for FREE… like these lovely butterflied red snappers )

1/2 order shrimp and veggies corn garlic bread quality seafood redondo beachThis chubby little kid was smacking n’ snacking on a big ol’ plate of shrimp, which made me want some too, so I got a half order of shrimp and veggies with garlic bread and corn.

skee ballPeeling shrimp gives you stinky fingers, so I searched for a bathroom since lemon wedges alone did not do the trick.  To get to the sink, I walked through the arcade, which reminded me that I love skee ball.  I played a round with stinky fingers (shhh, don’t tell!).

arcade gamesI had a boyfriend in junior high (or was it sixth grade?), Seth, who once won me a green squishy dog-clown doll from one of these crane games.  I, myself, have never felt the personal joy of successfully picking up a plush object via joystick and robotic arm.

arcade games

arcade gamesYou want teddy bear?

churros Well, I had to.  I mean, who can resist?

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