chicken tandoori | jasmine market, culver city

naan in tandoor jasmine market culver cityA peek inside the tandoor (clay oven)

naan in tandoor jasmine market culver cityMade-to-order naan & tandoori chicken

naan jasmine market culver citySpicy, minty green chutney & cool, creamy yogurt

tandoori chicken jasmine market culver cityBlazing nuggets of chicken

basil seed drink jasmine market culver cityA fan of most sweet drinks with seeds, pips, pulp, what have you

The warm weather made me want South Asian for dinner, so I headed to Jasmine Market, a little Burmese-Indian spot on Sepulveda in Culver City.  It’s always a tough decision between the chicken biryani and chicken tandoori.  Tonight, I went with a plate of glowing, boneless chicken tandoori, a fine choice to wind down a sizzling day like today.  While I was there, the kind folks at Jasmine let me peek into their scorching hot tandoor to watch long skewers of chicken roast next to frisbees of naan, erupting with blisters.  What a fantastic cooking vessel.  Kinda genius.  Tandoors are hot (literally)!

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