housewarming + baby shower

baby shower cake From Manhattan to Manhattan Beach, plus baby on the way.  Time to celebrate!

parents to beParents-to-be.

appetizer spreadkim bap california rollfried chicken wingsThere was so much more to this delicious spread, but I stopped snapping to start eating!

melpomene the french bulldogAll eyes on the food, especially Melpomene’s.

girl in jean jacketSome talented kids at the party.  This little cutie sang us a rendition of “Summertime.”

boy singingNot to be outdone, this guy got up and hummed the entire “Angry Birds” theme song.

pumpkin whoopie piesAnother set of cuties… pumpkin whoopie pies.

marble cakeSooo stuffed… but there’s always room for cake.

Welcome to Cali, Irina & Robb!  Congrats on the big move out west.  And of course, congrats on the bun in the oven.  I can’t wait to meet the little one soon!

[And thank you, Sookie, for sending me home with jap chae (glass noodles), galbi chim (braised short ribs), kimbap, yak shik (sweet rice cake), yaki mandoo (fried potstickers), saengseonjeon (pan-fried fish pancake) and dak twigim (fried chicken wings).  I have enough food to last me a week!  The (Korean) mother lode!  Yum!]

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One Response to housewarming + baby shower

  1. sookie says:

    Excellent photos. Good job!
    We were so happy to have you at the party and I am glad you enjoyed and enjoying K-food.

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