donkatsu | wako, ktown

orosi tonkatsu waku donkatsuorosi tonkatsu waku donkatsupickled jalepenos wako donkatsuI grabbed lunch on Friday at Wako Donkatsu, which is next door to the Boiling Crab on Wilshire Blvd.  [Now, this is donkatsu and not tonkatsu because we’re in Ktown.]  I ordered the orosi donkatsu which comes piled high with grated daikon radish and scallions, and is served with a thinner jus-like dipping sauce.  Honestly, the radish was overkill (it’s literally just radish), so I would recommend the regular pork or chicken cutlet, which comes with the thicker dipping sauce for which you grind your own sesame seeds in a personal mortar and pestle.  You get a side of soy-pickled jalapenos too, a Korean banchan that I love for its taekwondo kick of spicy, salty & sour.  One of my favorites.  Portions are hefty, so definitely work up an appetite before you plop down for this fried cutlet fix.

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