aeropress espressoaeropress espressoI love my AeroPress, so much so that the French press and stovetop espresso maker are going into storage because I never use them anymore.  This plastic contraption looks like it’s supposed to be kept in a chem lab, but I swear, it produces the most incredibly smooth and super clean cups of coffee and espresso.  I can totally understand why there’s a cult following.  It’s really a fantastic device.  Some people have really fancy Aeropress brewing techniques, but I keep it simple.  I don’t invert or swirl, and I plunge fast, but it always tastes great.  It’s virtually dummy proof!

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2 Responses to aeropress

  1. SinoSoul says:

    I love my bodums too.

    You should try the Clever for coffee. Aeropress is… Iunno.. Not a really good espresso, and not a very good coffee dropper.

  2. I’m a fan of drippers too, but the slow, gravitational drip traps some of the flavor in the filter… and it takes too long (especially if you’re always running late like I am!). I do prefer drippers with light roasts. Pressurized brewing produces a richer, smoother flavor, which is my desired morning brew style. Definitely not for those who like some “bite” in their brews.

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