los agaves | santa barbara, ca

salmon tropical los agaves santa barbaraSalmon tropical

homemade tortillas los agaves santa barbaraHomemade tortillas

sea and earth molcajete los agaves santa barbara Sea & earth molcajete

In the home stretch down to LA, I was super bummed to find that La Super Rica was closed on a Wednesday… not so much because it’s the best (because, really, it’s not), but more so because it drums up a whole lot of the high school nostalgia, of hanging out in SB when they let us off “the Mesa,” with this being my first regular Mexican joint outside of Bobbi’s.  So with La Super Rica’s doors being shut, we tried Los Agaves.  It was alright, I guess.  The molcajete was definitely better than the salmon dish.  Not sure I’d go out of my way to return here if I were back in SB anytime soon, though.  Eh, meh.

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One Response to los agaves | santa barbara, ca

  1. Higa says:

    Next time check out Los Arroyos….

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