udupi palace | artesia, ca

 Bisi bele bhath (rice and veggies)

Rava dosa (made with Cream of Wheat and rice flour)

Chana batura (puffy bread with chickpea curry)

Dosa (rice and lentil crepe)

 The eye of the dosa (Toops, eye model and dosa virgin, deflowered)

Last Friday, right before the new year, we piled into Mia’s (of Dubu Diaries) car and headed to Little India in Artesia in search of some dosas.  With our friend, Chitra (of the ABCD’s of Cooking), in town, we had a South Indian food expert to do our ordering at Udupi Palace.  My favorites?  The rava dosa, a porous crepe made with Cream of Wheat and rice flour, followed by medhu vada, which were these delicious little lentil donuts.  When we finished our meal, we ordered a round of Mysore coffees (blended with chicory for a woodsy aroma and taste), then took a stroll down the street to pick up samosas to-go from Surati Farsan Mart and to peruse the selection of Indian cookware at those shops that sell everything from kitchen supplies to luggage to electronics and cologne.  So stuffed, we spent the rest of the afternoon just lounging around and relaxing at Mia’s.  Chill time with good friends and good food… now that’s what the holidays are all about!

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