burger and a movie

pixellate breadbar burger Met up with Jana in Century City to grab a bite, a drink and a movie.  Originally, we were going to meet up at Craft, but because I was running late (as usual), we opted for burgers at BreadBar.  We finished eating just in time to see Scorsese’s Hugo in 3D, which I thought was a delightful and charming adventure story, complete with automata, ticking clocks, Parisian backdrops, Méliès movie-making magic… and crrrroissants!  That’s right, pastries were in the storyline.  Way to make it into a scene, my darling, buttery crescents!

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2 Responses to burger and a movie

  1. jana says:

    can’t wait to taste croissants! expect a visit to the bakery from me soon…

  2. jana says:

    that was supposed to say YOUR croissants.

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