squid ink | osteria mozza

osteria mozza squid ink chitarra freddi pasta with with dungeness crab, sea urchin & jalapenoDropped into Osteria Mozza last night and pulled up a stool at the mozzarella bar for dinner with C.  We started off with a marvelously tender, subtly vanilla-scented tripe alla parmigiana and the burricotta with braised artichokes, followed by two primi: the very regal ricotta and egg raviolo and the very Neptunian squid ink chitarra freddi with Dungeness crab, sea urchin and jalepeno (pictured above, courtesy of my iPhone).  The chitarra freddi is a super luxe (chilled) pasta dish with a squarish cross-section of a noodle.  Loved it.  My favorite part of the meal.  For dessert, our waiter totally read our minds… it was all about the sugary, fried orb goodness of bombolini with huckleberry marmellata & lemon mascarpone.  That’s some good shit right there.  All of it.  Solid.

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