seared trout | fundamental LA, westwood

seared trout sandwich fundamental LA westwoodSaturday is a school day, and today, I had just enough time to leave campus to grab lunch at sandwich shop, Fundamental LA, in Westwood (on Westwood).  When I got there, it was a really tough choice at the counter… porchetta or trout, porchetta or trout??  In the end, I had to hurry up and choose one, so I went for the seared trout sando with mâche, pickled sweet potato, fennel, red onion & crème fraîche on brioche.  Light, but not quite bright enough.  A squirt of lemon juice would have done this sando some good.  Still, not bad, not bad.  I’m willing to come back and give it another go, but next time, I’ll be trying the heftier porchetta di testa with sauerkraut and whole-grain mustard on brioche.  Sounds like it could be a winner, don’t you think?

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