sunday fried chicken dinner | farmshop

farmshop roasted butternut squash hummusRoasted butternut squash hummus

farmshop la herbed pearl barley with county line broccoli di ciccioHerbed pearl barley w/broccoli di ciccio,
 pistachios & meyer lemon

farmshop la baby carrots roasted with green garlic, capers & hot pepperBaby carrots roasted with green garlic, capers & hot pepper

farmshop la sunday fried chicken dinnerFried chicken!!

farmshop la fried chicken drumstickDrumstick

farmshop la orange & cinnamon panna cotta olive oil cake & gloria's strawberries Orange & cinnamon panna cotta olive oil cake & Gloria’s strawberries

Finally got around to trying the family-style, prix fixe fried chicken Sunday supper at FarmShop LA with Higa & C tonight.  We ordered a bottle of rosé and eagerly waited to sink our little teeth into that fried chicken.  Now let me tell you, that fried chicken is no joke, it’s the real deal… crunchy, crispy, briny with moist and tender meat, and all this with none of that icky, smudgy grease slick action.  Some of the best bird I’ve had as of late.  I’m a sucker for wings and drumsticks, so naturally, I went after the dark portions, both of which were oh-so delicioso!  Now do I really have to wait until next Sunday to have some more, ’cause I want more.  Give me more!

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