bossam | kobawoo

kobawoo bossam jokbal koreatown los angelesYay, Taeryn’s in town!  That means it’s time to feast!  Last night, Mia, Pands, Shane,  and I met up with Taeryn at Kobawoo in Ktown for some bossam (boiled pork belly cabbage wraps).  We ordered the “Wang Bossam” (translation: “King Bossam”) which comes with an array of fixin’s, including steamed cabbage leaves (for wrapping), a beautiful half-a-head of baechu (napa cabbage) kimchi, soy sauce-pickled jalepenos, vinegary pickled radish sheets (the pink stuff), spicy pickled radish root and briny saewoo jut (little salted shrimp).  The plate was accompanied by some steamed skate fish and jokbal (marinated slices of pork knuckles… ok fine, it’s pig’s feet).  A lot already, but oh no, we didn’t stop there!  We also ordered broiled mackerel, jangban gooksoo (cold acorn noodles with veggies) and chung gook jang, which is like a thick miso stew with whole soybeans, tofu and veggies.  A ton on the table but between the five of us, we sopped up all of it with ease.  Eating champs, yeah!

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