southern italian | sotto

sotto restaurant no mames guey single village mescal lime friarelli pepper amaro rhubarbaro sangria soda egg white“No Mames Guey” with Single Village mezcal, lime, friarelli pepper, amaro rhubarbaro, sangria soda, egg whites

sotto restaurant fresh juicesFresh squeezed juices for cocktails

sotto restaurant mixed greens and shaved beet salad wheat berries lemon vinaigrette fiore sardoMixed greens, shaved beets, wheatberries, lemon vinaigrette, Fiore Sardo

sotto restaurant grilled pork meatballs with snap peas pecorino bitter greensGrilled pork meatballs, snap peas, pecorino, bitter greens

sotto restaurant tomaio braised octopus ai ferri chickpeas preserved lemon chard bottargaTomato-braised octopus ai ferri, chickpeas, preserved lemon, chard, bottarga

squid ink fusilli lunghi pistachios bottarga mintSquid ink fusilli lunghi, pistachios, bottarga, mint

sotto restaurant whole grilled orate braised artichoke acquasale olive pistachio vinaigrette Whole grilled orata

sotto restaurant whole grilled orate braised artichoke acquasale olive pistachio vinaigrettewith braised artichoke acquasale, olive-pistachio vinaigrette

sotto restaurant cannoli Cannoli Siciliani, ricotta, orange marmalade, pistachios, chocolate

Tonight, I finally made my way Sotto, and I LOVED it.  C and I walked in and sat at the chef’s counter in front of the Ferrara pizza oven and watched the kitchen in action.  The restaurant is cozy, the cocktails are clever and the Southern Italian dishes are exuberant yet so pleasantly unfussy and fresh.  The fusilli?  Terrific inky twines of sea and pasta.  The orata?  A beautifully prepared fish, enrobed in a bread salad with tender, braised artichokes.  I must say, this meal exceeded my expectations.  I can definitely see myself coming back here often.

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