vegetable pot pie | next door by josie

next door by josie 'remi' goat cheese and tomato brûlée‘Remi’ goat cheese and tomato brûlée

next door by josie farmer's market vegetable pot pie Farmers’ market vegetable pot pie

For today’s lunch, met up with Jana and crew at Next Door By Josie, the casual sister to the fine dining establishment connected through the kitchen doors.  I started with the goat cheese and tomato brûlée, then dug into a veggie pot pie.  These were decent, but I wish I had ordered the spicy shrimp and grits that some of the others got.  Now that plate looked tasty.  The service was a bit unpolished with a few awkward “uhhh” moments.  First, we were only allowed to order in a clockwise fashion around our table of five, with our waiter explicitly pointing out who was to go next, as in, “No, now you go because you are #3.”  WTF?  Apparently, there was also some “miscommunication” in the back, causing a delay in service, even though we were only the third occupied table in the entire restaurant.  (OK, it happens).  But it really annoyed me when an eager beaver runner picked up my unfinished plate of food which clearly had some bites left on it and left it hovering in front of my face before asking me whether I was done with it.  Pfff.  No good.  But maybe it was just an off day.  I’ll try anything twice, so I’m willing to give NDBJ another shot some day down the road.  Til then, don’t pick up my plate until you are certain that I’m done, you mofo!

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