thai boat noodles | sapp coffee shop

thai boat noodles sapp coffee shop los angelesWhen I got back from Lake Powell this week, I caught a feisty little head cold that left me feeling tired and stuffy.  Being sick when it’s warm out is the WORST.  You feel so icky.  You feel like poop.  I needed to sweat out the sickness, so after a mid-morning appointment in the Valley, I headed to Sapp Coffee Shop and sunk into a corner seat to slurp up a fortifying bowl of Thai boat noodles.  The hot, spicy, sweet and sour soup filled my belly and helped ease my congestion.  Later that evening, I continued on with the soup remedies, hitting up Keungama for a nourishing bowl of Korean samgyetang, or ginseng chicken soup, consisting of a whole young chicken stuffed with glutinous rice and jujubes in a ginseng, garlic and ginger broth.  My “souped” up self felt much better the next day.

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