pho ga | turtle tower, soma sf

turtle tower pho ga san franciscoIf you hang out with Mon and her sister, My Le (or any one of their other five sisters, for that matter), they will make you want pho.  Specifically, they will make you crave pho from Turtle Tower, for it’s their much-referenced weekly Sunday jam for northern Vietnamese pho in San Francisco.  The northern region uses a wider rice noodle with lots of green onions and cilantro, minus bean sprouts, basil and other garnishes found in the south.  When I got back to Stinky’s this evening, I noticed that there was a Turtle Tower just a block away on 6th (score!), so after I took Fuzzy Bomber the greyhound on a walk, I headed over to TT for a nice, steaming bowl of pho ga (chicken soup).  My love of noodles just got wider.  Different than your typical bowl of pho, but just as good (and addictive).

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