south indian | gajalee, sf

gajalee san francisco curry leaf calamariCurry leaf calamari

gajalee san francisco kolambi shrimp thaliKolambi (shrimp) thali

gajalee san francisco machi fry fishMachi fry (pan-fried fish with spices, semolina & rice flour)

The night before Stinky & Lugo set off for their sun & surf honeymoon in Nicaragua, they took me and Lila out to dinner at Gajalee, a South Indian restaurant on Valencia St. in the Mission.  I had heard that the Chicken 65 was to die for, but I gotta admit that it wasn’t my favorite of the night.  The lamb biryani was pretty good.  The shrimp thali and pan-fried fish, on the other hand, were my favorites.  I feel so out of the loop with SF grub these days.  I guess it has been five years since I left (already?? wow!).  Glad I still have friends up there who can lead me to all that is tasty these days in the Bay.

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