tonkatsu | maisen, omotesando, tokyo

maisen tonkatsuI had to take a little break from posting pics, but now I’m back!!  I still have a ton to share from my recent travels, so without further ado, and in no particular order, I’ll kick it off with this one…

Tonkatsu lunch set at the popular Maisen, which is situated near Harajuku in the back streets of Omotesando, Tokyo’s equivalent of the Champs-Élysées.  Rumor has it that this shop invented the brilliant tonkatsu sando.  This location of the restaurant chain inhabits what used to be a bath house and is around the corner from, oddly enough, a Gold’s Gym.  It was a particularly sweltering day so after my meal, I had to duck into air-conditioned shops every couple of blocks to cool off.  Man, LA weather feels so good right now compared to the Tokyo heat, but if I could trade LA’s weather for Tokyo’s amazing transit system (because driving in LA sucks!) that would be a toss up…

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