soba & udon | honke owariya, kyoto, japan

honke owariya kyoto japan soba noodlesSoba with local seasonal vegetables

honke owariya kyoto japan nabe yaki udonNabe yaki udon

honke owariya kyoto japan buckwheat cookieshonke owariya kyoto japan buckwheat cookiesBuckwheat cookies

Hello, my name is Susan, and I’m a noodle addict.  I ate a lot of noodles while I was in Japan, and coming back to the States, I just wanted more and more!  I just can’t get enough!  While in Kyoto, I got to taste some particularly choice soba noodles (while C got the udon) at Honke Owariya.  This noodle shop has been around since 1465… that’s right, 1465!  That’s 547 years old, which is 311 years older than the United States!  Dang, I’m usually impressed if a restaurant lasts more than a decade or two, but over 500 years??  That’s a supreme noodle legacy that you’ve gotta respect.

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