pastries | craftsman & wolves, sf

craftsman & wolves san francisco croissantCroissant

Sesame passion fruit croissantPassion sesame croissant

Savory financier with cornSavory financier with sweet corn, thyme & black mustard

I am hoping that Craftsman & Wolves was just having a bad baking day when I picked up these pastries with Mon.  Everything looked promising, but the croissants were dry and day-old tasting, and the financier was the most poorly seasoned, overly mustardy thing I’ve tasted in a while (and I love my mustard).  And the chocolate carrot cake was bland and gummy.  I dunno, I’ll try anything twice, so I’ll have to give this patisserie another go next time I’m up in SF.  For now, Tartine & La Farine are still my favorite bakeries.

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One Response to pastries | craftsman & wolves, sf

  1. sinosoul says:

    Innnnteresting, cuz that is one GOOD looking croissant. My bro visited just a couple of weeks ago (and it seems Craftsman/Wolves is the HOT thing in SF carbs right now), and just kept on saying: it’s really expensive, it’s really expensive, over and over when I inquired. Haha!

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