gastropub | the parish, dtwn LA

the parish los angeles deviled eggsDeviled eggs

the parish los angeles bone marrowWood-grilled bone marrow with celery salad

the parish los angeles fried oyster poutinePoutine of fried oysters

the parish los angeles mojama truffled fingerling potato fried duck eggMojama (salt-cured tuna) with truffled fingerling potatoes & fried duck egg

the parish los angeles haricot verts peaches burrataHaricot verts with grilled peaches, garam masala & burrata

the parish los angeles corn honeycomb butterGrilled corn with honeycomb butter

the parish los angeles fried chickenFried chicken with grilled peaches, tomatoes & currant vinaigrette

the parish los angeles blueberry lemon trifleBlueberry & lemon trifle

the parish los angeles gulab jamunGulab jamun (spongy, milky dough balls in rosewater) with pistachios

Finally caught up with Higa over dinner at The Parish, Casey Lane’s new flatiron gastropub at the corner of Spring St & Main St in downtown LA.  I’m still on my rum kick, so I started off the meal with “The Real McCoy,” a bright concoction consisting of Rhum Agricole Blanc, pot still Jamaican rum, lime juice, OJ & orgeat, while Higa got the “Black Bee” with bourbon, lemon juice, honey & stout.  Excellent cocktails.  The list of libations was impressive.  As for the pub grub, I thought all the plates were good, but not phenomenal.  The fried chicken, for instance, could’ve used a little tweak in seasoning to shake off its KFC-ness.  If I go back, I’ll stick to the deviled eggs, fried oyster poutine and that glorious, summer lovin’ grilled corn with honeycomb butter.  Ooh, that butter was so good, we started to dip everything in it, including the chicken.  Mmm, butta.

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